The Mindful Athlete

By George Mumford

Michael Jordan and countless other NBA stars credit George Mumford with transforming their game. A widely respected public speaker and coach, Mumford shares his story and strategies in The Mindful Athlete

What exactly does George do with his teams and athletes?

Some of the qualities Mumford seeks to instill in athletes — self-confidence and a reduction in negative self-talk — are goals of traditional sports psychology. But Mumford’s approach is different. “There are sports psychologists, but they never participated in sports, and they don’t really get it, in my opinion,” says Al Skinner, the former BC basketball coach who was recently hired as coach at Kennesaw State University. “They’re book-read; they’re sitting on the perimeter asking questions . . . [and often] they’re not very good in the locker room.”

Read more from the Boston Globe Magazine's feature story on George's work online and in print this Sunday.  

George Mumford & Yoga Journal Event Next Week

Don't miss Sharon Salzberg, celebrated meditation teacher and best-selling author; George Mumford, Sports Psychologist, author, and mindfulness teacher for the New York Knicks; Gopi Kallayil, Google's Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing; and Jeff Walker, philanthropist and co-author of The Generosity Network for "Being There: How Mindfulness is Shaping Modern Society."

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Losing, but still a winner

The Knicks are losing a lot, but they're still meditating thanks to their meditation teacher George Mumford, author of "The Mindful Athlete." George says that winning is about giving it your best shot, and that the sting of defeat can't take that away from a true champion.

The record has nothing to do with [the meditation sessions.] The idea is develop a way to view yourself and how you need to prepare yourself to train and perform and play. I think that evolution has happened already. Basketball is a little behind the 8-ball on that. Phil’s been doing this for a long time, and it’s something we’ll continue to do.

I think you look at the highest-performing teams in sports, they have that [psychological] part they’re exploring, making sure it’s a priority. You can’t just lift weights and shoot baskets and not develop your mind.
— Coach Derek Fisher

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Playing in the Zone: Presence and Performance in Sports

George Mumford was a featured speaker alongside Michael Gervais on the Wisdom 2.0 main stage over the weekend. A much lengthier Q&A session took place afterwards. 

During the talk, George said that when he works with athletes, he focuses on "making them people first, and athletes second."

He also told the crowd that "Poise is just being yourself."  

Watch the main stage talk below.